Role of Liposuction Fats in Breast Reconstruction

A quarter million American women face breast cancer every year. A woman’s choice about breast surgery used to be very few. Now liposuction breast surgery is being done by using natural fat – grafting fat from liposuction to rebuild the breast area. Using liposuction tumescent surgery also gives you some great choices about cost and the time it takes you to recover from the surgery.

Liposuction tumescent surgery uses local anesthesia and is also called the wet technique. This reduces liposuction costs and time spent on surgery. If nothing goes wrong, this can be done in an outpatient environment. By using Liposuction tumescent surgery, you have less pain and also recover quicker.

Liposuction BreastFat grafting using natural fats harvested through liposuction can improve shape, skin tone, and can even promote skin sensitivity of the breast. This makes the breast feel more normal to the women being touched; and skin tone makes the breast feel more normal to the one touching the breasts. Because the natural fat cells are being used, the breasts look and feel more natural.

Another reason many women like liposuction breast surgery is that breast implants change the appearance of the breast; they create dimples and wrinkles giving the appearance of age. Breast implants show the sharp edges and can cause muscle weakness at the harvest site because muscle also is used sometimes.

Usually when doing liposuction breast surgery, the fat cells are removed from the abdomen or thighs, which are areas that have too much fatty deposits. The removal of the fat can make you have a flatter stomach and smaller thighs, which is always a nice bonus.

These stem cells harvested from doctors liposuction can then be used to enlarge or reconstruct breasts. It’s strange to think of doctors taking that ugly fat from a woman’s thighs and belly and using it to reconstruct her breast which enhances her beauty.

An injection is used to put a large amount of anesthesia under the skin making it swollen and firm. Then using Epinephrine to reduce bleeding, fat is removed and redistributed in the breasts. Then it is reshaped to give the breasts the right look and feel.

It doesn’t matter which kind of liposuction surgery you decide to go for. Grafted fat must reestablish a blood supply in order to survive; hence, a very highly skilled surgeon is needed to perform the procedure. So, be very careful in finding a surgeon, make sure he has the right skills and has done the surgery with success.

It doesn’t matter what kind of breast reconstruction you get; there will always be a slight difference in the reconstructed breast than in the original one. Yet most women are satisfied with their reconstructed breasts. The surgery gives women more confidence in their appearance and sexuality.