Bladder Cancer Risk Doubles With Well Done Meat

It isn’t just the fact that too much meat is not very good for you and your cancer risk; it is also the way in which the meat is cooked that impacts your risk of developing cancer. It would seem that eating your meat rare is a better idea after all!

Research now shows that it is well done or over cooked meat that could increase your risk of developing bladder cancer. The study conducted by the University of Texas based its findings on over 1,700 individuals.


Grilling or barbecuing meat may be healthier than frying it, but only if you do the right way: over cooking to the point of charring means that you are also eating certain cancer causing chemicals along with the meat.

Though the obvious villains implicated in this are pork and beef (more particularly steak, bacon and pork chops), even chicken and fish are not blameless. When fried, even chicken and fish are seen to increase cancer risk.

The chemicals seen to up the risk of cancer by as much as two and a half times are cancer-causing chemicals, collectively called heterocyclic amines (HCAs).

A person’s genetic makeup also impacts cancer risk here, since the way that different individuals metabolize food, particularly cooked meat, differs.

Source: HealthDay