Chemotherapy for Male Breast Cancer

In case you are thinking about chemotherapy for male breast cancer, you should know that this is a condition that affects more men than you might think. Chemotherapy refers to the use of specific medication that is meant to destroy the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy for Male Breast Cancer

Why use male breast cancer chemotherapy?

Usually the doctors suggest having chemotherapy if the tumor is larger than one centimeter and if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes of the underarm as well. It is also a good choice if the tumor seems to be growing very fast. There are several terms used to describe a fast growing tumor.

If your doctor suggests you to have chemotherapy for the cancer of male breast, he or she might refer to high grade, vascular invasion, lymphatic invasion, high growth rate, hormone receptor negative or HER2 positive.

Further information

The male patients with hormone receptor positive cancer often receive hormone therapy. Nonetheless if the cancer returns it might be a better idea to go for chemotherapy.

It is common for people to be reluctant about chemotherapy because of the myths that surround it.

How it works

When thinking about male breast cancer patients’ chemotherapy, you should know that usually a thin needle is used to inject the agents into your veins but you can use a tablet as well.

It is also possible to have a ‘port’. This is a device made of plastic place at the upper arm or upper chest.

The people interested in chemotherapy for male breast cancer should know that this port empties into the blood vessels. There is a needle in the port that is used during chemotherapy but it can also be used to draw blood for tests.

Receiving chemotherapy

The information regarding male chemotherapy for breasts cancer includes that usually people receive chemotherapy for a few days and then there is a rest period before the next dose. Depending on the type of medication you receive, the treatment lasts for 3-6 months. It is common for the patients to receive two kinds of medication at the same time or one right after the other.

There is a lot to know about chemotherapy for male breast cancer but the truth is that basically the situation is the same as in case of female breast cancer: the sooner the diagnosis is made, the better the outlook is.