Link Between Brain Tumor And Cell Phone Use ‘Inconclusive’

An international study that has been awaited for a long time now, has found that there is no evidence of increased risk of brain tumors due to mobile phone use.

At the conclusion of the decade-long Interphone study, researchers are however saying that the findings were inconclusive and not definitive; that there was need for more research on the subject of the impacts of long term heavy cell phone use.

talking on cellphoneDr. Devra Davis, professor of Preventive Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical center in New York put it like this: “I’m not telling people to stop using the phone.

I’m saying that I can’t tell you if cell phones are dangerous, but I can tell you that I’m not sure that they are safe.”

There are several flaws or inconsistencies being cited about the study:

  • Young people and children are a significant demographic that was ignored for the purposes of this study.
  • Mobile phone use has become more common and widespread since the study period.
  • The definition of “regular” cell phone use and user is not in keeping with the way and the amount the cell phone is used today.
  • The study’s control groups were criticized as being unorthodox.
  • The study focused only on two types of tumors – glioma and meningioma.