Quitting Smoking Can Help Prevent Anal Cancer

quit smokingEveryone knows that smoking causes a lot of health problems. Not only will it push the body toward getting emphysema, but it can also cause lung cancer in many people.

But did you know that smoking also puts people at greater risk for getting anal cancer?

Smoking breaks down antibodies and leaves areas all over the body much weaker. The anus is one of these areas and smoking can actually leave a person much more susceptible to getting anal cancer. Quitting smoking can help lower the risk that anal cancer might have.

Quitting smoking is also a very healthy decision for anyone to make in general. Smoking is bad for the entire body as it can lower a person’s immune system to the point where they are constantly getting sick.

Most people only consider this to be common colds and other minor illnesses. They never consider that smoking could potentially raise the risk of getting anal cancer.

Other factors will help to prevent anal cancer as well, although smoking is one of the easiest ways to help lower the risk for this terrible disease. It will also have the longest-reaching benefits, as quitting smoking can make a person healthier throughout their lifestyle.