Effects That Cancer Can Have On The Brain

cat scanYour brain is not something that you want to mess with. It is very important to have a very early detection if you suspect that you feel any symptoms of brain cancer.

Brain cancer is a malignancy growing in the tissue of your brain.

This malignancy grows into a mass of cancer cells. You will want to go to a specialist who specializes in the treatment of brain tumors. Brain cancer is very serious and you will need the best of care. It may take you a while to get over this type of cancer but with the right treatment, it will be possible.

CAT scan

To detect whether you have brain cancer, or not, you will need to go through a series of tests that will provide cross section views of your brain. Usually your physician will schedule a CAT scan. CAT stands for computed automated tomography.

A CAT scan is more than one x-ray that will reveal abnormal structure in the brain. This test is conducted in a large round shaped machine and is very safe. There is no pain involved in this test unless your physician decides to run dye through your veins, so that they will be able to get a better look.

Informed Patient

Side effects for a patient with brain cancer will range from mild to severe depending upon what treatment you have. Of course, physicians strive to keep side effects as low as possible.

You will want to know what kind of side effects will occur if you have brain cancer so that you can be prepared.

Your friends and family will want to know these facts also, if they will be your caregivers during your brain cancer treatment. If you are informed, about what side effects that you may have, you will be able to recognize any health changes in your body.

Side Effects

Many side effects are possible from a brain tumor. You may have swelling of your brain. Seizures could also become a problem. Your muscles in your brain could become weak. Lastly, a decrease in mental capacity and function could occur.

There is a possibility that you may have more than one of these side effects. These side effects usually occur right after surgery. Side effects will slowly start to disappear in time. Sometimes your side effects will not go away, but this is not very often.

Chemotherapy Treatment

Your physician will probably want you to take a series of chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy has its own set of side effects. You may feel sick at your stomach and start throwing up.

Hair loss is a probability with chemotherapy. This treatment will zap your energy. Chemotherapy may break down your immune system, and you could be susceptible to certain types of infections. Many of these side effects will usually disappear in time.

You will be able to live a normal life, once again, after all your treatment is finished. It may take you a while to recuperate, but one day you may feel good as new.