Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

omega 3 fatty acidThe risk from advanced prostrate cancer can be greatly reduced by the consumption of a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, by a significant sixty three percent.

That’s according to research carried out in San Francisco.

Dr John S.Witte, leading the study, said that although the link had been noted previously this was the first time the affect on more highly developed cancers has been seen.

Nearly one thousand patients participated, with over 450 of the men suffering with belligerent forms of the disease and the remaining number being perfectly healthy. All subjects had the COX-2 variant, a gene that is known to increase the risk from this type of cancer.

With the use of a food frequency questionnaire, the men’s diets were analyzed once their COX-2 variant was geno-typed. It all points to the conclusion that by eating more oily fish on a regular basis, for example salmon could prevent prostrate cancer for those with specific variants of the COX-2 gene. In particular, the variant known as rs4647310.

The report published in the Clinical Cancer Research publication, was keen to espouse the now proved virtues of consuming long chain omega-3 fatty acids.

The latter has long been known to have very healthy properties and is always been encouraged as part of a sensible balanced healthy diet. The Mediterranean style of eating includes consuming a lot of seafood and dark meat fish.

Its value can be seen even more with findings like this, any preventative measures that do not involve any medicine must be seen as the ideal solution to any type of disease.